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Having a Bath after C-section

December 1st, 2010 Posted in C Section

I read lots of info about when to have a bath after a c-section and decided I would do it when I was ready. I liked showers straight after – due to being easy and clean – but I am a bath person and enjoy the relax. I had my first bath about a week after the c-section and that was lovely – no looking back – I even had baby in the bath with me.

I have always bathed my babies in the bath with me – they love the warm bath – and I am happy that I do not have to have the back-breaking task of bending over a baby bath.

I do not use a baby bath as I have never got on with any baby bath…. for me, I’ve always bathed baby in the big bath with baby propped up on my legs. It’s easy, natural and free. It is lovely to have someone to help baby in and out of the bath though – but I also been prepared with a towel placed in a rocking baby seat next to the bath and baby usually loves that for 5-10 minutes while I enjoy my bath… it all makes for a more relaxing bath for all!

Enjoy your bath.

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