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How Can Silicone reduce your C-Section Scar

As any wound heals, a scar forms, and this is what happens after a cesarean section. There are a number of products designed to reduce the appearance of scars, and Silicone treatment after a c-section is an effective solution for scar reduction.

  • The Caesarean Section Scar

Cesarean section scars are caused by collagen, the skin’s natural supportive protein. The size and colour of your c-section scar is infuluenced by the care given to the healing wound and the patient’s diet, since diet plays an important role in the health of the skin. 

  • Cesarean Scars Reduction

Scar treatment must smooth out the skin’s texture, as c-section scars are most commonly raised. The treatment must also reduce the colour of the scar – as cesarean section scars are either pink, red or purple. As the scar treatment works, gradually the new, healthy cells replace the old cells and your cesarean section scar fades.

  • Silicone Treatment of Cesarean Section Scars

Silicone sheets are commonly used to reduce any type of scarring, and have recently been used to reduce c-section scars. Silicone sheets keep the wound hydrated and encourages new cells to form . Silicone sheets need to be applied daily with pressure over the cesarean section scar. Silicone is such a highly regarded treatment for scars that it is also used to treat abnormal and severe scars.

  • Effectiveness of Silicone on Recovery after Cesarean Section

NutraLegacy’s February 2009 report on scar treatment, “All You Needs to Know about Hypertrophic Scar Treatment,” says that while silicone treatment works most effectively on new scars, it is used effectively for treating old scars as well.

The University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority advises that silicone products must be used daily for a minimum of two months in order to show visible results.

  • Benefits of Silicone on Cesarean Section Scars

Not only is silicone effective at reducing your cesarean scar formation, but it is often the preferred method of cesarean scar reduction because it is noninvasive. New mothers prefer silicone treatment over steroids or invasive surgery, which are more costly and have more risks to themselves and their new baby. Mothers can allow the silicone to work at night, by wearing the sheets around the clock. This treament is easily accessible to new c-section mothers through the manufacture of after cesarean underwear containing silicone sheets.

  • Overcoming Problems with Silicone Sheets

Silicone sheets can be difficult to keep in place over the c-section scar and this is a reason for some new mothers to stop using them. C-Panty easily keeps the silicone sheet in place by securely attaching the sheet to the after cesarean underwear, which also offers support for the scar area.

  • Prevention

To minimize after cesarean section scarring, the c-section scar must be kept clean and hydrated. Sun exposure of the caesarean section scar should be avoided at all costs, since ultraviolet (UV) rays can inhibit proper wound-healing, and ultimately worsen scar formation.

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